Alf Giraffe Update : Keeper Kari was able to give ALF his bottle

Alf Giraffe Update

Keeper Kari was able to give ALF his bottle today. This is the first time he has taken a bottle from Kari without having Maggie there with him. Kari being able to give ALF bottles gives us a big relief on having another set of hands. Not to mention it made keeper Kari’s day so much brighter.

ALF is prospering from all the love & milk that his keepers are giving him. 

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Alf the Giraffe

TeamAlf  Please consider donating to help build Alf a new barn

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Jacqueline Silva : Good luck! Would love to see Alf be able to stay at Brights! Hoping to donate more later and make a trip to see the 'little' guy sometime.

Well done to all who have donated so far… April's unity Facebook group are running another raffle some great prizes and all proceeds go to Alf 

Way to go Alf! We love you. Thank you for sharing this photo of Keeper Keri and Alf. We will get you that new barn as quickly as we can.

Love you Alf. Just so you know, that was one of my favorite programs to watch. Slowly but surely, the money will come in for all your needs to to take care of Alf's needs. A lot of people plan to donate monthly and also to send you checks directly so you can use all the money

I am very thankful to you for giving us updates and this nice picture of Alf and Kari.

Nancy Pabody : So happy about that, gives Keeper Maggie some relief. So pleased for the updates on Alf and his keepers, as well as the other animals in your care. Thank you for what you do and for keeping us informed.

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