Alf the Giraffe Alert with Maggie Today on August 30

Alf the Giraffe Alert Brights Zoo 

Keeper Maggie back again with a very happy heart! Why you ask? Well it's because of all of you! These past few days I have met some of you Alf fans and you all are amazing! Not only have you shared how you feel about Alf but also how you feel about me and that means a lot to me.

Today was extra special because a very sweet Alf fan came to visit him today and she brought me a gift. I was in total shock and to be honest it almost made me cry to know someone thought of me to do this. This whole experience has been great for me, not just because I get a chance to work with Alf, but I get to share him with you of all.

alf the giraffe alert brights zoo

ALF the Giraffe 

I dont expect anything, just your kind words so this gesture really made my day. I feel horrible that I didn't catch your name so please please comment on here so I can properly Thank you for this AMAZING gift which I dont deserve but absolutely love  

All of you fans have been great and loving and i cant get over how lucky I am to know I have all of you behind me. Alf sends his love (and a kiss in the picture) and continues to enjoy his visitors as much as I do. Thank you again to ALL of you, you really are the best.

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Supporters react:

Rachel Shell Vance Thank you Maggie for taking care of Alf and all the other animals. One time when I was at Brights I wanted to see Barney so bad and he was hiding in his house. You got him out and played with him so I could see him. I appreciated it so much because he's one of my favorites and I always looked forward to seeing him. You do a wonderful job.

Kim Parman I know it's hard being in a spotlight you didn't exactly ask for – but you're doing wonderfully! Alf knows you love him and it shows! Keep up the fabulous work, Maggie! We're all rootin' for ya.

Brenda Rising Haha Maggie you seriously get the best pictures of Alf!! You might not think you deserve a gift but we all do! Thanks to whoever brought this to you and let you know how important you are to Alfs fans šŸ˜‰ Thanks for always sharing things with us, we appreciate you!

Evelin Lindsay Aww, Maggie, the bond you share with Alf, is something so beautiful and you deserve all the love that is given to you. I wish, I could come and visit you and Alf and the rest of your beautiful ZOO, but I live to far away. I so enjoy all your updates and have been since day one. Thank you, for all that you do. Much love to you and Alf. Kiss on the nose for our little man.

Kristin Taylor Y'all are the cutest duo!!! The zoo in my area has Fiona the famous preemie hippo, so we see a lot of her on our news, but I love watching yalls adorable bond!!!! Love the updates!.

Kayb Barrow You Deserve this gift Maggie, in All Ways! I'm so happy that Your Happy!!! Again, Thank you so much for the update and Heartfelt Thank you's to You, Mrs Connie, Kari, Bright's Zoo and #Teamalf for yoyr constant love, devotion and dedication! I Love you Alf! 

Anna Kyker Honestly Maggie, you deserve all the love! You do a great job with Alf of course, but behind the scenes you are awesome, too! You may not even remember this, but last season my little girl pinched her finger in her stroller and was quite upset.

Then you came to the rescue and spent some time with my daughter and me and a bongo over by the giraffes. It was probably just "another day in the life of Keeper Maggie", but to me, it was a big deal. No parent likes seeing her child hurt, even if it is just a pinched finger, so any time someone steps in and tries to bring a smile back to her child's face, it is definitely memorable.

The whole Bright's Zoo team is awesome! Thanks for all that you guys do! The animals are all so well cared for. It's really an impressive operation!

Tonya Shaw Canerot Thank you for sharing Maggie. You so deserve the beautiful gift you received and so much more for your love and dedication to Alf and all the other animals you care for. You are more appreciated than words can express. God bless You Alf and his care team.

Connie Kaczorowski Maggie you are incredible and I admire and a teensy bit envy you for the career you have and the love you have for animals! You are truly an awesome person. 
Brights Zoo was a highlight of my June visit to Tennessee and when Im back that way I hope to come by and meet you and see Alf if he is still there. Bless everyone there!

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