ALF BABY Update: Alf Has Been Good These Past Few Days

ALF BABY Update 8/17/2017
Good evening everyone. Keeper Maggie with your Alf update. Alf has been good these past few days, continuing to eat from Miss Connie without me around.

Now that doesn't mean I don't spend time with the big guy since I know most of you were wondering. Now I get to hang out with him when I get some spare time in my day and take these fun photos for you all.

ALF BABY Update 

ALF the Giraffe

I met some great guests today who came all the way from Houston to visit the zoo and they said they enjoyed me and Alf together so here it is for you.

I'll try to come up with more fun pictures but you're all welcome to suggest ideas. Thanks for the support to everyone who checks in with Alf and follows 

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Supporters react:

Cheryl Schulz Watts Alf is so adorable. It looks like he is very comfortble with being so close to you. He clearly loves you. Can the other care givers get this close to him when they are attending to him or is he just close to you

Brights Zoo Yes, he gets in everyone's personal space when spending time with him, even to the point where he's stepped on a few toes literally.

Wendy Oliver Cross I live close so can you see Alf if you visit the zoo

Brights Zoo He is not on display yet but we are working on a barn for him so hopefully soon he'll be on display 

Ginny Rizzuto Do you ever show Alf pictures of himself?

Brights Zoo I have a few pictures that he's taken of himself but they're not that good, and he's seen himself in pictures but just wants to chew on my phone instead. Haha

Lynn Deeds Omg….photo bomb of the year. Lol. So darn cute. I hope he stays quite awhile with you Maggie. You two have a wonderful bond and it is awesome. The video of the camera hog.. oh my….when I am down or stressed, all I have to do is watch that video and all my stress melts away. You guys rock. I cant wait to get my Alf cup and my giraffe, who shall be called Alf. Lol
Huggies Alf.Take a hug for you too lol. you deserve it for all you do.

Stephanie Snyder He just loves his picture taken doesn't he?!! He is such a natural at it!! Love all the pics and videos, thank you so much for sharing him with us Maggie

Traci Brackbill He is so funny!!! Any pictures or videos you post are awesome!!! He's such a photogenic fella!!! He always looks so curious


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