Alf Baby Update: The reasons for ALF moving at this age are for his safety

Alf Baby Update Today

ALF has found his forever home. ALF will be going to wildlife partners in San Antonio, TX.

On October 15th, Maggie and Zoo director David Bright will be leaving Brights Zoo with ALF and delivering him to his new home. Wildlife Partners currently has 6 giraffes including ALF. They have 1 young female that is very close in age to ALF.

We at Brights Zoo feel like this is the best possible fit for ALF and he will be starting his own family; it will be difficult for all of us to see him leave. Maggie will get to spend at least a full day with the keepers at Wild Life Partners to ensure ALF has an easy transition into his new surroundings.

ALF is still on the bottle and will be for another 5 or 6 months. He has began eating hay and grain as well. The reasons for ALF moving at this age are for his safety and a brighter future. It's much easier to transport a giraffe that is just under 8 foot tall than it is to transport one that is 18 feet tall. It is also much easier for a young giraffe to adapt to new surroundings.

The founder of Wildlife Partners, Brian Gilroy, came and visited ALF about a month ago. Of course like all of us, ALF captured his heart. Brights Zoo and Wildlife Partners will remain in contact for years to come. We will follow ALF through this new journey.

Of course everyone here at Brights Zoo will miss ALF and I'm sure some of us will have to plan a vacation or two around going to Texas to visit ALF. We want to thank all of ALF's followers for your positive outpouring of love for ALF.

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Supporters react:

Diana Constable Every time I see ALF ALERT, it just makes my day because I know I'm going to see something silly with that rascal. Thank you Maggie and Alfteam for sharing this incredible experience with us, I hope he loves Texas, thrives and makes lots of cute baby g's!! Love to all.

Carol Lancaster Sending him to a breeding farm that sells to canned hunts is not in Alf's best interest!!!! What happens when he can no longer breed, he'll be the next "trophy".

Mickey Reed Maggie, I think Alf is giving you the stink eye ! Who that be smelling like my human mama. lol You guys are adorable. Love love

Maria M Paz Dear Maggie two Words for You …. "You Rock" you are not just a wonderful Caregiver for Alf and as a Zoo Keeper ( I'm not sure that's your title sorry if I got that wrong ) but you are just a terrific person we can tell just in the video and photos … I truly thank you for all the updates with You and Alf I so look forward to them…. And you are also Rocking The Giraffe Outfit … I wonder what Alfie will be wearing .. Lol

Sally Harris I love the Maggie and Alf team. Whatever you wear it brings a smile to my face, Alf though looks a bit confused x

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