Alf the Baby Giraffe Could not Go Outside Today

Due to the weather Alf will not be out today nor will his 12:30 keeper chat be taking place.

Alf the Giraffe – Today photo

Supporters react:

Darleen Hicks when he is outside are the guests allowed to feed him carrots?

Brights Zoo No not at this time.

Michelle Renwick Oh dear – have you told Alf yet?

Brights Zoo Maggie has broke the sad news and he took it pretty well 

April Davis The way this pic is angled it looks like Alf has a cigar hanging out of his mouth lol

Crystal Dillanes-Guzman Oh Goodness, I am sure the visitors will understand but u know how Alf loves the attention lol U may have an Alf Tantrum on your hands today.

Sharon Martin Lollol Alf is ok with no carrots right now , he still loves his bottle of milk . Love you so much Alf you are just adorable. Thank you Maggie you are just awesome with him.

Connie Dickerson Love our Alf! He has the most precious face and gorgeous eyes!

Katie L Ayers Stay safe alf and his keepers and the other animals hope you guys wont need an ark when the rain stops

Sue Fitzpatrick If ever a giraffe knew he was cute and used it to his advantage, it's this little fella xx

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