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Alf at Brights Zoo

 A young giraffe named Alf at Brights Zoo is set to go to a facility in Texas that has ties to exotic-animal hunting ranches—otherwise known as “canned hunts”—so PETA sent a letter this morning calling on the roadside zoo to end its giraffe-breeding program and to ensure that no giraffe in its custody endures a highly stressful and perilous move, such as the one planned for Alf. The facility wants to move the young giraffe now because giraffes become increasingly hard to handle as they get older—and taller. The move will make room for displaying more baby animals, which are seen as a magnet for visitors, in the future.

Alf at Brights Zoo

In the letter, PETA—whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to use for entertainment”—notes that captive giraffes exhibit an extremely high rate of neurotic, stereotypic behavior and that transporting them is so physically dangerous and psychologically distressing that it should be done only when absolutely necessary for their health and well-being.

Alf the Giraffe

“Giraffes are fragile, sensitive animals who suffer enormously in captivity and during transport,” says PETA Foundation Vice President and Deputy General Counsel Delcianna Winders. “PETA is calling on Brights Zoo to stop bringing more anxious, traumatized giraffes into the world to be put on display or farmed out to facilities with dubious dealings.”

We are doing this in order to build ALF an all new facility here at Brights Zoo so that he can remain at the zoo forever. We will also bring a female in to go with him.

Please share this post to help get the word out we are working to keep ALF here permanently as well as get him a girlfriend.

Lets help Brights Zoo build Alf a Barn and get him a mate so they can keep him ALL proceeds will go to Brights Zoo through their Go Fund Me Page Thank you all for helping this wonderful place


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 Today photos of Alf at Brights Zoo

Alf the Giraffe Clip

Alf and visitors

Lets help Brights Zoo build Alf a barn and thank you so much for your support.

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