Alabama’s Strength Coach Smashes Last Season’s 2nd Place Trophy Into Smithereens

Alabama will try to regain the title of National Champions Monday night against Georgia in Atlanta, and the Crimson Tide are clearly not enthused with coming in second place.

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After taking down Clemson, the team they lost to in last season’s title game, in the Sugar Bowl, Alabama strength coach Scott Cochran proceeded to take the team’s second place trophy from that game and smash it into smithereens, even taking a sledgehammer to it.

Viewers reacted:

Jayson Fraire Don't let this distract you from the fact that the UCF Knights are the 2018 National Champs

Dave Auerbach Alabama is a morally tough school. They live by a code of excellence, quoting such famous verbiage such as:

“If you’re not First, you’re last.”

“Life is a garden, man. Dig it.”

I can understand why that second place trophy wasn’t worth much when you hold yourself to such great standards.

Donald Schneider Meh it will be tough to stop Georgia's offense… but you never bet against Nick Saban if he's got a week to gameplan for your team

Jacob Fry They might wanna break out that sledgehammer again, because they are about to have another trophy to smash

Ryan Patrick I guess he doesn't identify as a non championship team…like UCF

Adam Siegel So Coach Saban and Company aren’t big on participation trophies I take it?

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