Alabama Wins National Championship On Game-Winning TD Throw From Tua Tagovailoa

Alabama does it again.

Viewers reacted:

Derwin Marshall Kansas City Chiefs: "We've got the biggest collapse of 2018!"

Georgia: "Hold my beer."

Tori Mitchell I hated Alabama but that true freshmen QB is a class act

Garrick Schull Good player. Alabama is gonna be even better next year… the QB situation has been their only weakness the past 2 years and now that clearly is no longer the case. NCAA football is so boring. Bama always gets the best recruits and combined with the best head coach means they will always be the most talented team each and every year. There needs to be some kind of scholarship redistribution to allow lesser programs to atleast compete.

Jeff Ahern That’s great and all, but Alabama shouldn’t have been in the playoff. If you can’t qualify for your conference championship game, then you shouldn’t get a shot at the national championship.

Warren Jupiter When that dude came out in the second half i was like "who the f is this guy". 30min later…Nick Saban greatest college coach of all time. WOW!!!

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