The Adventure of Arty in Animal Adventure Park Day 4

The Adventure of Arty in Animal Adventure

An easier assignment with birds on Day 4,
But which species of bird would Arty explore?

A duck, a chicken, perhaps a peacock,
Birds of a feather, but of a different flock.

Eyes wide open, he must stay on guard,
THIS is no bird from the average barnyard!

Fast moving legs, a bird rather quick,
Curious by nature, a powerful kick.

A rather large bird from the family ratite, 
The emu of Australia, a bird without flight.

To get through the day, may take some skills, 
Tomorrow, no better, full of prickly quills!

The Adventure of Arty in Animal Adventure

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It’s another beautiful day to be at Animal Adventure!

april the giraffe

April the Giraffe Family

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Our fans reacted to The Adventure of Arty in Animal Adventure:

JeanineAnn Scudder Elson Is it me or is Tajirir growing really fast? He sure is a sight standing there with his mom and dad, beautiful picture of our G family!! Thank you Jordan for sharing this wonderful adventure. Love you all 

Bebe Jouet I thank you again, all of you, at Animal Adventure, for bringing this to us. I was glued to your live feed through April's pregnancy and birth and the weeks beyond. I'm at work during your live feed times now, so deeply appreciate when you post photos. My gosh, Taj has grown so much! I remember the first time you lifted him to get his weight.

But again, thank you, for deeper reasons. In this difficult year that has been so stressful worldwide with mass shootings and terrorist attacks, political upheaval and horrific weather events, this, THIS, has been the shelter in the storm that helps to remind us of our oneness.

For that, I am grateful. Dare I say, it is a common sentiment. It casts aside the differences in the world and reconnects us to the earth and our shared love for nature and animals. It helps me to remember what is most important in our lives. Congratulations, as well, on the upcoming birth of your second child, Jordan and on the success of Eva's recent procedure.

We've come to love and care for all of you (and your menagerie) so deeply, as you've opened up your park and your family's experiences to all of us. Wishing the happiest of holidays to you, your staff, and all of my fellow, loyal followers.

Sandra Brown Thank you Jordon for showing the walk through of the park. I wish I could be there to see it in person. It is a delight to see all the work that you and the staff have done to the park. I love to see all of the animals especially the giraffes. Oliver definitely has gotten taller this summer. (His ossicones are very defined especially at the top where as

Darlene Groves McQuay Wow I check them out daily but seeing them beside each other you can see how Taj has grown and also Oliver. Thank you Jordan for sharing these 3 with us. My hats off to you and your staff for the love & care you give these animals.

Elizabeth June Whoever writes these post are sure creative!!! Love it!

Animal Adventure Park Park owner Jordan writes the Adventures of Arty

Bobbi Davis OK Jordan…..if not having All April All the Time 24/7 on TV's from Feb moving forward, the infamous taco, the vet kicks, the videos, the morning and night feeds, Taj's birth and the baby naming wasn't enough, now this. 😂 This is another way to keep us in the loop at AAP. Love it! Is there nothing you cant do? You are blessed in many ways and have blessed us in return. I look forward to the "The Adventures of Arty" daily! Awesome!

Julie Savage Bembenek Jordan….you are truly an amazing man….you are always full of surprises…Just when we think we have seen and heard it all….you pull another trick out of your hat!!!…Hats off to you for all that you do!! Xoxo

Julie Woodhouse A big Thankyou A.A.P. For sharing Artys adventures..Look forward every day to see what he's up to next..Jordan you are so talented,love these poems..Yes all these photos and poems would make a wonderful Child's Christmas Book to sell at the Park..Love it!! Xxx What are you going to get up to tomorrow with the birds Arty?? Xxx

Joanie Tolbert Boyd I am not a fan of snakes. I have too many around me living where I do. Every time I see one on Facebook I cringe as I did here. Yuck! But because you guys are you and I know that you are educating us… You get a pass. Thanks for your creativity.

Ann Torres These poems are amazing!!I've read from other posts that say Jordan writes them.Such a talented man.Is there anything he CAN"T do???Wow!! Thanks Jordan!!You're amazing!

Sharon Crowe Loving Arty the Elf adventures through out the park.I have to say this one is my favorite so far,love snakes..Can't wait to see Arty's adventure with our favorite Giraffe Family..Keep up the great work AAP

Maritha Andersen The poems could go into a christmas calendar for next year, sell it for animal conservation, one hatch to open each 24 days of december. with these pictures and poems behind.. (and/or maybe a tiny chocolate?) 1-24, or maybe 25 for you? I don't know, we celebrate christmas on christmas eve, (Norway) you the next morning, don't you?

Shelly Rappleyea Jay No need to market the poems. Just enjoy the postings. Have ya'll never written a poem or done anything creative? The animals at AAP depend on Jordan's ability to keep people interested so they will come visit the amazing creatures and enjoy looking and learning and feeding. This Zoo sounds like a really great place where animals are well-cared for and loved.

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