A Tribute to the Little Elephant Calf at Pittsburgh Zoo

It is with broken hearts that we inform you that our elephant calf has passed away. “Our hearts are broken, it’s just devastating,” says Dr. Barbara Baker, President & CEO of the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium. “She touched so many people in such a short time. We did everything we possibly could to care for her, but unfortunately in the end, it just wasn’t enough.”

Elephant Calf Tribute:

When teething caused the little elephant to stop eating, the decision was made to insert a feeding tube so keepers and veterinary staff could provide her with the necessary nutrients and vitamins her body needed. While initially the calf responded well to the feeding tube, her weight did not pick up consistently. The humane decision to euthanize the calf was made and she passed away peacefully surrounded by her family of dedicated keepers.

The Zoo wishes to thank all those who have expressed their support, prayers, and well wishes for the little calf over the past several months. 

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Supporters react:

Megan Leigh So what I gather from most people who reply to this is that apparently human babies and elephant babies are exactly the same, making all human mothers elephant experts who clearly know better than literally anyone ever

Debbie Lang I'm sorry….. but the elephant did not pass away.. they put him away… people (family) don't agree with me.. but it's the truth.. the elephant should have been with its mother instead of on display.

Toni Marie Martin The baby didn't pass away…..you people killed the baby because she was a premie and needed extra time to get caught up!!!! Instead of being patient, compassionate, caring and loving you took an innocent life for no reason. My daughter was 2 months early and weighed 2 lbs, I fought foe her, loved her and didn't give up on her, unfortunately the baby elephant didn't get that from zoo staff. Shame on you

Desiree Gresart When she was born and u started to fallow the post I knew something was off . She didn't look like no other baby elephant.. but I'm so glad to see AL the zoo keepers were there to help her. Rest easy baby girl. .

Kelley Marie White That baby's blood is on your hands Dr. Baker . You need to end your horrible elephant breeding program. You impregnated her psychologically damaged mother and she predictably rejected the 2nd calf you forced her to breed. 
Then you paraded that baby around a tiny concrete room when that baby was 35 days old. 
Resign before you get thrown out Dr Baker because its time for you to go. now.

Briar Lee Mitchell  What you did to that baby was horrid. You killed her, from the moment she was born…you killed her. Zoos, especially yours, are hell holes. How do you people even sleep at night knowing the horrible things you do to animals.

Christopher Ewing What about her family of dedicated eles? like her mother? oh wait. thats right. while in a zoo, you arent entitled to have a real family. the HUMANS are now your "family"

Melanie Kuse So sorry for your loss guys. Hugs to all the keepers and staff that cared for the little ele. My thoughts are with you. Don't listen to the hateful comments here. Just know that you have a ton of people behind you, supporting you every step of the way. Keep on keepin!

Kathi Strickland Brown My heart goes out to all that cared for An helped this baby. You did everything you could possibly do to save her. Some things are just not to be, and it doesn't matter how hard you try. Thank you for being loving caring people

Christine Ambrose She lived far longer than she would have in the wild. Those with no knowledge (including myself) need to be quiet. Let the people who loved her mourn her and not have to defend themselves. Rest in peace sweetheart.

Jennifer Mellinger-Leck I'm amazed by all the zoologists and wild animal experts that have commented on the baby elephants death. Yes that is sarcasm. Those of you who have filled this page with negative comments, why do you feel you have the right to criticize the actions of the Pittsburgh Zoo when you weren't the ones caring for the elephant? Everyone is judging the actions of our Zoo but none of us were there. Maybe we should all just have a little bit of trust and know that the zoo did everything humanly and medically possible to save the calf's life.

Elaine Brady All these amateur vets who think they know better than the trained experts actually working with her need to step off. Nobody is sadder about this than the people who tried their hardest to help her live after her mother rejected her. Stop criticizing them and compounding their pain! If what you're saying isn't helpful or kind, then don't say it.

We’ve set up an online memory to honor little elephant calf: Here

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