A tribute to the Las Vegas Victims

A tribute to the Las Vegas Victims

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Las Vegas police: Despite rumors, 'We have no information or evidence' there was more than one shooter. "We believe there was only one shooter and that was Stephen Paddock."

Authorities give an update on the investigation into Sunday's mass shooting, the deadliest in modern U.S. history. 

​​Viewers react to A tribute to the Las Vegas Victims

Nancy Garibaldi All lies I rewinded and saw shots coming from the 12th floor and none from the 32nd. How does that happen if there was only one shooter?

Laurel Jones What about the woman that was yelling out we're all going to die 45 minutes before the concert even started were you going to investigate that or how about why was all exits blocked as another guy yells out they couldn't get out because they were all blocked why

Logan Wiley Love A tribute to the Las Vegas Victims, there is no way an accountant that had only had handguns suddenly got the skills to alter and use an automatic weapon from that far away. The guy was a 64 year old millionaire with houses, planes, etc. He had no affiliations, no beefs, no nothing. Mass murderers always have a beef or problem with what they attack. There is something more behind this, for sure.

Jean Matlock Alexander Praying for everyone especially Heather Melton, wife of Sonny Melton who was shot in the back while trying to protect his wife Heather. God Bless all of you.

Jimmy Thompson "and he ran back and forth between two rooms that gave him access to the same view the other room provided"…. we promise.

Jerry Allsman Being a multimillionaire with two planes of his own, is it possible that as fluid as our border has been in the last eight years, this guy could have flown to Mexico, purchased the illegal weapons from cartels or criminal operatives, and then transported them back into the US without being detected?

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Jim Bob If this is all true, then something is very fishy.
"A guy who wasn't a gun nut, had no history of mental illness and no known extreme political views, no financial or legal problems, and who was even up on the weekend playing hundred dollar hands of poker, for no apparent reason, decided to obtain multiple illegally modified weapons (though he was there 3 days housekeeping didn't notice a large number of weapons nor anything else strange about his room), and shoot up a crowd at an open air concert of an artist he liked, that he booked a hotel room with a view of. And was found dead when police entered.
Does this not seem at all strange to anyone? Like just maybe he was killed first and his room was used for the shooting?"

Leslie Vazquez The investigation hasn't concluded. We are just getting to know details of this man's life. With the info law enforcement has right now, under Nevada's definition, it is domestic terrorism. But it didn't meet the definition under Federal Law. But that doesn't mean it couldn't. Investigating 64 years of life is not done in a day. There's still work to be done. Let's not get mad right now. We have to wait.

To Honor the Las Vegas Victims:

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