A Tribute To John Dunsworth: We’re All in Shock and Heartbroken

A Tribute To John Dunsworth

We're all in shock and heartbroken by the sudden loss of our dear friend, John Dunsworth. We respect the family's wishes for privacy at this time.

john-dunsworth-tributeJohn Dunsworth

Ryan West I waited around 7 hours outside of the London Hammersmith Apollo to meet John and the boys last year. I was 16, knew I wouldn’t be able to get into the show because the venue rated it 18+. Come showtime after meeting all the guys but Mike, people were queueing up and I was so jealous. Then some greasy drunk guys surrounded me and said that if I bought their spare ticket they’d make sure I got into the show. So I did, and I walked right through security just like that. Then I got meet & greet tickets with my last £50. I’ll never forget that day.

Britt Floyd You helped me get through some dark dark days John….for months when I would have really bad bouts of anxiety & depression all I would watch was TPB and you made me laugh and feel like everything was gonna be okay. Thank you.

Luke Storer Rest in peace, John Dunsworth. You were always there to make me smile when nobody else seemed to give a sweet flying fuck. Thank you.

A tribute to John :

Adam Mccord May the winds of shit carry you to the other side, may the shit hawks always have your back, may the shit waves of the shit Sea brush your face. Rest In Peace Jim, the shit weasels have it from here, and tonight, we’re all the liquor.

Louis Mackinnon John dunsworth has a YouTube everyone should check out the real him was pretty much the opposite of the character Mr Lahey and I think it shows how good of a actor he really was one of the best in my opinion

Bettyalice Stephens I'm so heartbroken … never thought I would feel this way over someone I never met or knew personally but I'm in tears tonight he has helped me through some very hard times in my life Rip John Dunsworth ( Mr. Layhe )…. and since I don't drink instead In honor of his memory I will light a candle for him this evening 

John Dunsworth

John Dunsworth

Brandon Longbottom Canada lost a great man, not only Jim Lahey but John the man behind the best trailer park supervisor there ever was or will be, was a kind and truly out spoken activist for Indigenous rights; always something he brought up during his tours with BoBandy without fail! 
There will never be another, rest easy!

Wayne Caldwell I was lucky enough to get a set of these from the Man himself. This is incredibly saddening news, but I'm glad i have a keepsake to remember him by. Rest well Jim Lahey

Wade Mo I honestly can't believe I came home to this news…

When I tell you that this man could not have had a bigger heart, during the show he started off talking about how much he loved his family and grand kids and how happy he was to see and meet all of us at the show… When I got the chance to talk to him I told him how much the show effected my mental health while I was deployed to Afghanistan some of the few moments out there I was actually happy and laughing because I ment it, he simply replied "when I talk to all the U.S. Troops and the Canadian troops and they always tell me it brings us right back to the park" which it does. We lost a legend today and the world is a much sadder place with out Jim, we don't have a lot of time on this earth so make sure you are living it to the fullest.

Kyle Spree May the liquor rise up to meet you.
May the shit winds always be at your back.
May the shit rays shine warm upon your face,
and shit rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May the shit hawks hold you in the palm of their hands

Sean Matuszak I feel so sorry for all of you. Love hugs and pepperoni to all of you. I'm gonna go have a couple drinky poos right now. Like 2 bottles worth. One for me and one for John.

Shane Merritt First the October mr lahey and Randy tour gets canceled. Now the great John Dunsworth has passed away. Might as well go play in traffic cause today is fucked boys! May the liquor in the great beyond never run dry. Sunnyvale will never find a better trailer park supervisor then you good sir.

We’ve set up an online memory to honor John, help us

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