A Tribute To David Cassidy

A Tribute To David Cassidy

David Cassidy 12/04/1950 – 21/11/2017
It is with great sadness that I post this message.

David Cassidy has meant so much to so many people.

David was an iconic teen idol in the 70's and he maintained a career spanning movies, theatre, music, writing, directing. His multi-generational connection to so many people from all walks of life, from all around the world will be felt today.

Despite being a star, he was kind hearted, thoughtful and considerate of others and a friend.
He will be greatly missed.


Fans reacted to A Tribute To David Cassidy

Lynn Hind Soo very sad David was my first teen idol the first person as a teen to wake me up to the opposite sex he was stunning he shares the same birthday and first name of my husband not planned but spooky he was such an important part of growing up in the 70's im now almost 60 its lasted a life time i got to see him in concert in 2012 im so glad i did but such a shame that life and his demons robbed him of his looks and his peace of mind rest in peace david fly on angels wings sympathy to his family and friends who will miss him so much xx

Debbie Spatz Soricelli You will always be missed but you are our angel now. You’ve earned your wings so continue to shine your light on us. Your songs have been in my head for a week now. Songs I thought I’d forgotten. RIP David

Berry Ann Allen Valentine May peace and love keep his family and fans. Now he sings with the angels. I have loved you and will continue to. David Cassidy well now is a heart break that makes this ole gal remember a wonderful time as a tween to teen. I know I love you

A Tribute To David Cassidy

Robert Aratari David Cassidy was a Teen Idol who played wonderful part in the lives of a great many of us kids who grew up in the 70s . He like all of us here on earth was not perfect but he was a great man and a fantastic musical artist . He will be missed and I am truly personally saddened by his passing . RIP David Cassidy “It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known.”

Christopher Jones David was a significant influence of mine as a youth. I was also a musician and my appearance and hair ended up looking like his (longer years) enough to where my nickname was "Keith."

Sadly, with a twist of dark irony, David died on my birthday and only minutes from me here in Fort Lauderdale. It has been a very dreary slump since. 

I will choose to see him at his best of times (vs his worst, as too many do) as he was genuinely a good person at his core. What he said on The Dr. Phil Show was absolutely correct…David was a person of love and caring. He wasn't without his (mostly understandable) setbacks, but his true inner character was pure and real.

His legacy and personage forever honored and missed.

April The Giraffe Store

Jill K. Widmann I have always struggled to find a way to describe David. There are just no words that fully explain his magic. Just what is it about him that has made millions of girls cry over loving him, and then as women, cry over losing him?

Is it his gorgeous hazel eyes with their dreamy look? Or, is it that mop of hair he had that made one imagine running their fingers through it? Or…yes, that smile!!That sunshiny, bright, constant smile that seemed to make the whole world light up??

Or…could it be his mere essence that radiated from within his soul, that gave us that feeling, that amazing feeling that one would get listening to his velvety voice that seemed to make us feel that the world was more beautiful and happy then they ever imagined… and that true love was real. Whatever it was…it was what David was about.

He was unique in all the world…and there will never be another one like him. We all knew that since we were kids…and still know that now.

Thank God we grew up with such a beautiful soul to dream about in our lives….our generation was the luckiest. The world has lost an angel, but heaven has gained one. God gave us a beautiful soul to dream about…and now he has taken him home. God bless you dear David…may you rest in peace and know that you were and are loved as noone has ever been loved before. Your legacy will always live on, and our love for you has no end.

Paula Uselton Godspeed, Thanks, you were my all time crush, from the first time i saw you at Summerfest( 6 years old) on my dads shoulders, while you sang so beautifully my dad told me I started crying and said to him, oh daddy I love him SO MUCH! It was such a sweet memories my dad has shared, that crush never went away,

I saw you play again a few years back at State Fair in West Allis, I was so excited, I got to relive my youth as I teared up listening to you sing all my favorite songs. You will be missed, this world lost one of the most beautiful smiles ive ever seen. May you finally soar with all the previous great entertainers we lost way too soon!! Rock on David……

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