A Spirit Airline flight full of Philly fans had to be told to settle down by flight attendants

Eagles fans are diverging on Minneapolis, Minnesota for Sunday’s Super Bowl, and they can’t contain their excitement.

Flight Full Of Eagles Fans On Way To Super Bowl Has To Be Told To Calm Down By Flight Attendant, only to break out in an even louder “Fly, Eagles, Fly” chant.

Viewers reacted:

Timmy Fenning Then they proceeded to eat the flight attendant, and slaughter the pilots as a sacrifice to Rocky so he may bless them with the underdog magic.

Jairo A Enamorado Annoying? Yes! But let’s face it. If it was your team in The Ship and you were in such a place, you must admit that this is a pretty badass feeling cheering with a bunch of strangers for the team you love. I know I would. 

Wayne So I have seen some bad videos of how eagle fans act, after watching the video it looked like a plane full of excited people cheering on their team. Nothing wrong with the video above

Arief Harlan We often drink our Southwest Airlines planes dry lol The flight attendant even announced: Congrats Saints fans! All of the wine, liqour, beer, and toilet paper is gone lol

Stephanie Golla Yessssss. There’s nothing wrong with having passion for your team. No one was rude on that plane. They’re just excited. It’s been 13 yrs. Chill out and let us enjoy it!

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