A New Born Giraffe at Como Park Zoo & Conservatory Update Today

A New Born Giraffe at Como Park Zoo & Conservatory

7/22 We're going to be welcoming a new resident to Como very, very soon

new born giraffe at como park zoo Update

A new born giraffe at Como Park Zoo & Conservatory

New Born`Mom is Clover Clip

A New Born Giraffe at Como Park Zoo & Conservatory

 7/23 We're excited to welcome a new baby giraffe to our herd! She was born yesterday at 4:44 PM to Mom, Clover. Mom and daughter are doing well!

new born giraffe at commo park zoo

A new born giraffe at Como Park Zoo & Conservatory


Supporters react:

Helen Mosner So exciting!!what's momma's name and are their any names picked for baby ? Congrats to Como on the new addition.will she stay at Como?

Como Park Zoo & Conservatory Mom's name is Clover. The newborn will be at Como for the foreseeable future. We're open to suggestions for names!

Debby Henson Rutledge She's beautiful. Would it be possible to get her stats? Weight and height? And is she a reticulated giraffe?

Such a beautiful picture. Thank you so much for sharing

Como Park Zoo & Conservatory She is a reticulated giraffe. No word on the stats yet. Mom is doing her job and being very protective of the newborn.

Jenn Bell  Is baby doing ok on nursing? What a pretty girl!!!! So happy for the new one on board! 

Como Park Zoo & Conservatory She is doing well! Our zookeepers are closely monitoring her nursing behavior.

Martha Prefontaine Aren't we all glad that Taj nursed so well right away. Seems to be a problem with Giraffe babies. I know, I am. 
We were all so invested in it, it would have been terrible if something had gone wrong. Welcome and good health to this beautiful baby.

Stacy Norman Hodges Did someone already ask when she might be out for the public to see? My kids and I would love to ooo and ahhhh at baby and momma!

Como Park Zoo & Conservatory No timetable yet. We will be sure to post something when she makes her public debut!

Margaret Mingione D'Aurizio This must be the year of the giraffe babies. So glad that so many have been born healthy and beautiful. It makes the loss of one so precious a bit easier to grieve.

Beautiful picture of Mom and Daughter.

Melissa Helms I love seeing all of these giraffe births! I think we're heading in the right direction? Since becoming obsessed with April, I've become such a lover of giraffes & trying to do my part in the help of promoting giraffe conservation. Good job Clover & all the keepers at the Como Park Zoo & Conservatory…. I know we have a long way to go with Giraffe Conservation so I thank you guys for all of your hard work

Susan Croston Oh Como!! Nice nice nice work! Congratulations. You must have waited, planned, anticipated, this birth. Now you relax, breathe, rest, give yourselves a little break. 
Your staff is wonderful!

Lorrene Maroney We were there on Saturday to see her in labour in the outdoor paddock! Really wish they could have let her stay outside; it would have been a once in a lifetime opportunity for my kids to see a baby giraffe born! She's adorable and we will be back to see her

Laurie Benish-Quintero Thank God..just saw a post of a gal who shot a giraffe in the head while hunting…how awful. Thankful for people who treasure our wild animals

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